Local Documents

Local Documents

Local Studies

  • 2022 Housing Needs Study
    • This study describes a statistical view of the housing situation in the North Shuswap. Combined with interviews of local stakeholders, governments and surveys of residents, it paints a picture of rural housing costs expand along with population growth. The Consultants have found that residents face difficulties with affordability of the existing dwelling stock due to the cost of real estate and of rents. As well, the consultants have found that Area F is running against the limitations of the single-family dwelling as a form, with its extensive land costs. Serviced land is in scarce supply in the region, leading to limited availability of development lots less than one hectare, and rental accommodation is scarce. For this, a number of policies and best practices that may ameliorate the situation are proposed.

Upcoming Studies

  • Government Needs Assessment est. 2023
    • This study will document and assess the current state of governance and service delivery in the North Shuswap, understand the concerns and interests of residents with respect to governance and service arrangements, and identify future service delivery and governance options for the electoral area to consider.
  • New Official Community Plan est. Fall 2023
    • The OCP identifies areas of the community where current and future developments, services and land uses desires will be located. It forms, and informs, the planning for future years. The last OCP was done in 2007 but they should be updated every 5 to 7 years.
  • New Area F Zoning Plans est. Fall 2023/spring 2024
    • Following closely on the heels of a new OCP are new Zoning Regulations. These are built on the vision the OCP has built and outlines the specific details of zoning options available throughout the community. Currently the North Shuswap has 3 different zoning regulations – Anglemont, Magna Bay and Lee Creek/Scotch Creek. The goal with this new Zoning Regulation will be to combine all areas into one regulation to eliminate confusion and consolidate rules.

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