Getting the message out

Getting the message out

During the election I ran on a platform of reasonable growth and communicating with the people of the North Shuswap. Almost 6 months in now (wow, that’s gone fast), and I’m still working on both. And I think they’re both getting better. Growth possibilities are happening with new job opportunities being built and in planning stages, and I’m getting better at this Facebook thing. Also, monthly Kicker articles let you know what’s coming up.

Communication in the North Shuswap is a bit frustrating. Not everyone is on Facebook (and they’re not all my ‘friends’, what’s up with that?), and the Kicker comes out only once a month. Important and timely information is sometimes difficult to come by unless you know who to call. I was just contacted the other day by someone trying to find out where to sign up for T-ball for their kids.

For the past few years I’ve thought there would be value in having a sign in Scotch Creek that would provide information on community events, non-profit information, registration for T-ball and more. In chatting with community members, they feel it would be a good addition.

So soon there will be a new sign in Scotch Creek providing community information. It will be a full colour display sign, set up at the SC Hall parking lot. And we’ll make sure it’s not too bright at night, as that’s just obnoxious. Keep an eye out for the work going on.

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