Scotch Creek Bridge Closure

Scotch Creek Bridge Closure

Hi, this is a final note to remind those interested in the meeting tonight, Thursday Sept 28 at 6:30pm at Celista Hall. This meeting will be to field inquiries and comments regarding the proposed bridge closure for repairs from 7pm through 6am on October 16th through November 10th. Anyone who has a comment can either come to the meeting or contact Chad Marsh at 778-943-0107.

Representatives from MoTI and AIM Roads, who will be handling the maintenance, will be in attendance. Specifically, reps from the ‘bridges’ departments of MoTI and AIM will be there. This isn’t an opportunity for general road complaints. I have asked for MoTI and AIM reps to join us in early November for that discussion.

I won’t be joining you tonight as I still test positive for Covid. You don’t want me there! Charlotte (my alternate) will be handling the meeting. Please be gentle…

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