Seymour Arm

Seymour Arm

I spent a couple of days in Seymour Arm this week including the Seymour Arm Community Association AGM. It’s been a couple of years since I was up there and didn’t have “representing them” on my mind at that time. It was an interesting trip with this new perspective.

The drive up was great, the forest service road was in really good shape and made the trip a breeze. Crossing the narrow bridge into the community I looked out at the river and remarked what a beautiful view, the bedrock, river, sunshine was all very picturesque. Then I hit the roads, and as I bounced into town I figured they could use a little work.

I stopped in at the pub and had a conversation with the owner, Mira, and some tourists. Everybody was enjoying the sunny day and warm weather. I turned the conversation to things that might be needed in Seymour and the first thing that was mentioned was roads. Hmm… no surprise there. Both the state of the roads and the dust were concerns. The other top issue was electrification of the community. In talking to some other locals at the mail boxes and store, the roads situation came up quite consistently as either first  or second on the list and phone/internet service was also an issue. I certainly noticed the phone service being spotty at best, but maybe that’s one of the benefits of being in Seymour Arm.

At the Community Association meeting a number of items of general interest were on the agenda. Upgrading the community wharf is in process with the committee already working with the CSRD regarding engineering options. Their Neighbourhood Emergency Plan seems to have had some great feedback from the CSRD protection services team. There are concerns about the Firetruck insurance and community fire protection. Local parks – Don Fink Community Park needs some work done – this is a CSRD project that’s been waiting a couple of years now, and the Silver Beach Provincial Park has some issues with dying/dead trees creating hazards for campers and beach users. The lack of mosquito control brought out a buzz of conversation and some pointed looks in my direction (why me?) for next year.

In general the big value topics that seem to be driving the majority of the people I came in contact with were: the state of the community road; the status of electrification, and one other concern voiced was the current state of the water system that is nearing the end of it’s expected operating life and needs some plans for rebuilding.

All in all it was a very interesting time and I look forward to going back to discuss some solutions to the problems that were identified.

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