And thus it begins…

And thus it begins…

Be careful what you wish for, it just may come true. And it has for me this year! The election was exciting and a lot of work. But I walked down a lot of streets that I’ve never been on before, talked to a lot of people and saw a lot of beautiful vista’s of the lake that reminded me of the spectacular asset we have. That was very enjoyable during the fine fall days of the election.

I am already busy with my new job by putting together the background information and discussion points to begin the road to growth. I’ve also been contacted by various groups both congratulating me, and asking to meet to discuss their particular situation or concern. As well, we are looking at areas of common interest with places like the South Shuswap. I will be sworn in on November 14th and at that time I take the full reigns. Keep an eye on our new website, www.NorthShuswap.Info for ongoing updates. As I move into this realm of government and I join a variety of boards and committees, my primary focus is the betterment of the North Shuswap, and then as the CSRD Director.

I want to thank past director Larry Morgan for his time in this position. He has contributed to the community in many ways over the last 7 years. I want to thank the people of the North Shuswap for having the confidence in me to vote for me, and for all voters out there for making your voice heard. Together we will work towards a happier, healthier and more vibrant North Shuswap, from Adams Lake to Seymour Arm.

All in? Let’s Go!

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2 thoughts on “And thus it begins…

  1. Jay, would it work to include the same info here as you have on the FB page? Or is that not the intent of this site. Just looking for a way for those without FB to follow your activities.

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