Spring Road Work

Spring Road Work

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At this time of year many calls I receive are about the state of the roads. The reality is that the CSRD has no control over what happens with the roads, it’s up to Ministry of Transport and their budget.

But, I can make requests and give suggestions as well as get information. So here is what I know…

Graders will be out re-shaping local gravel roads starting this week. New gravel will not be going on until the fall.

Gravel sweeping off the main roads will be starting next week, with side roads being done after the main roads are done.

The local manager for the new contractor – Mr. Gabriel Nava has asked that if I know of any areas in special need of work to let him know. I have set up a form on the NorthShuswap.Info website to track the Bad Road Locations.

Please enter the information and I’ll let Acciona (the new contractors) know.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Road Work

    1. I am too. A 2009 estimate for the (relatively) easy path between Squilax and Scotch Creek was $1.5 million. The problem becomes where the road runs on a steep slope with no room on either side for pathways. Where do you go? It is on my radar and I would like to get it started but there is more planning to do. Thanks for your note.

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