Summer Weather Report

Summer Weather Report

WEATHER REPORT for the summer was just released and suggests we will have another hot, dry June-August. Not exactly what I would like to hear. My preference would be for it to rain every day (between 1am and 5am). Failing that, maybe every third or fourth day.

Extra vigilance will be needed from everyone. Keep an eye out for smokers tossing butts, let them know we don’t appreciate it. Keep campfires low, while we can still have them. And protect your house/lot from buildup of leaves/needles, trim tree branches up to the 6ft mark. Be ready in case…

Here’s a couple of documents that might be valuable…

Firesmart Manual…/…/05/homeowner-firesmart.pdf

Household Emergency Plan…/preparedbc_household_emerge…

Let’s be safe this summer!

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