UPDATE – Seymour Arm Evacuation Alert

UPDATE – Seymour Arm Evacuation Alert

Friday, July 16, 2021

12:00 Hours

The BC Wildfire Service is working with other agencies and private industry on planning and placement of a machine-built fire guard to assist in the protection of the community of Seymour Arm.

BC Wildfire is also closely monitoring the fire situation and is updating the Shuswap Emergency Program regularly.

The community of Seymour Arm remains on Evacuation Alert. This will continue until further notice. Residents and any remaining visitors need to be prepared for evacuation on short notice. 

The fire continues to grow primarily upslope into unpopulated areas, however, fire spread is slowly moving north, towards the community of Seymour Arm.

Backed by the BC Wildfire Service, the CSRD has sent three fire crews along with three fire trucks to Seymour Arm to assist with fire protection. These crews are on site and ready to deal with any community protection efforts, as needed.

A Structural Protection Unit is being deployed to the community of Seymour Arm, which includes five structural firefighters, two vehicles and a trailer equipped with water sprinkling systems.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District’s FireSmart representatives have also travelled to Seymour Arm to provide advice and information to property owners about how to reduce their fire risk to their home and property.

All Seymour Arm residents are reminded to self-register with Emergency Support Services online through this link: https://ess.gov.bc.ca/  When registering, please indicate the community as Seymour Arm. This step is critical as it provides important information in case of an evacuation.

It is advised for residents to pack up at least one week’s worth of clothing and toiletries as part of their preparations. Vehicles should be kept filled with gas. As accommodations in the Shuswap are limited at this time, arrangements should be made to stay with family and friends, if possible.

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