Flood risk rising

Flood risk rising

Yes, there is the potential of flooding of the lake this year. Between a very late spring and significant rainfall, it might be very high water. Keep an eye on the lake level


CSRD – Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Shuswap Emergency Program (SEP) is advising residents of the increasing risk of flooding in Shuswap-area lakes and rivers in the coming days.

The BC River Forecast Centre has upgraded to Flood Watch status for the Shuswap Region, including the Seymour River, Eagle River, Adams River, Shuswap River and surrounding tributaries. The level of the Salmon River in the Salmon Valley area is coming up but has not been included in the Flood Watch at this time.

A Flood Watch means river levels are rising and will approach or may exceed the riverbanks. Flooding of areas adjacent to affected rivers may occur.

The Shuswap Emergency Program is also working on preparations for possible flooding situations on Shuswap and Mara Lakes as high-water conditions are anticipated in the coming days.

Residents in flood-prone areas are advised to:

  • Monitor the weather forecast and lake and river levels
  • Undertake flood preparation measures to protect your property, including sandbagging and moving valuable items to higher ground.

Sand and/or bags are being made available at 22 locations in the Shuswap area. Property owners are responsible for taking steps and having the necessary equipment to protect their properties from flooding. Residents are reminded that to be most effective, sandbags should be placed on high ground, as close as possible to homes or buildings.

Please see the attached map for the specific self-serve sand and bag pick-up locations and any restrictions on availability.

Information on sandbags is available on the CSRD website.

Information on flooding and evacuation preparedness is available from Prepared BC.

With water levels rising, it is important to stay safe near fast-running water or flooded areas. Please remember to stay well back from creek banks and use common sense around high water. Children and pets need to be closely monitored around these areas, so always keep them within arm’s reach.

Boaters are also asked to pay attention to the risk of debris in the lake and be mindful of keeping boat wakes low to minimize any damage to low-lying properties.

The Shuswap Emergency Program is here to help. If you have questions or concerns regarding flooding preparations, call 250-833-3352.

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