Contacts For Bylaw And Other Infractions

Contacts For Bylaw And Other Infractions

Bylaws and laws are in place to protect us from excesses and idiots. Some of the bylaws that are in place in the CSRD seem a bit too much ‘big-brother’, at least to me, but likely there was a relatively large issue at the time that indicated there should be some control over that particular problem. It seems to be much easier to get a bylaw or law in place than to remove it, something about government creep. Anyway, bylaws are generally there for what is, or was, a good reason.

Unfortunately and confusingly, there are sometimes several overlapping jurisdictions that handle the wide variety of issues that we see in our communities. The CSRD, RCMP, Interior Health, Ministry of Transportation, and Ministry of Environment Report all Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) are some of the agencies that have jurisdiction over events and issues in the North Shuswap. I get a ton of calls about things that are not specifically CSRD issues and I try to direct the callers to the appropriate agency.

Lately I’ve been fielding calls from Anglemont residents concerned about occupied travel trailers supposedly spending months, or even years, on a lot, never moving, never going out to empty their tanks, burning garbage etc. There are obviously many law-abiding trailer owners who do the right thing with their black/grey water and trash, but can you imagine your concern when you live beside, or worse, below one of the questionable lots?

So, although the CSRD is responsible for the Anglemont bylaw that states that you may not be permitted a campsite without a primary residence (house), the issues of sewage, garbage and vehicles are not in our hands. Our two (and soon three) Bylaw Enforcement Officers (BEO’s) have, and do, try to deal with the bylaw infractions, but it’s a huge challenge. The CSRD stretches from the Alberta border to Falkland and Seymour Arm, and there are infractions, large and small, in every area. Often, imminent or life threatening infractions take precedence over somewhat lesser infractions. This is how it should be, but it is also frustrating if you live beside one of the less critical infractions.

It may be that your concern involves other agencies, and you can contact them directly. Usually the more detail you can provide such as address of the property, photos of the infraction are really helpful.

If you have a concern about possible dumping of raw sewage you should contact:
Report all Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) at 1-877-952-7277 or make a complaint online at:

If you have a concern about septic systems, or lack thereof, you should contact Interior Health:
1-855-744-6328 option 4, or by email at

For issues with respect to vehicles parked on road rights-of-way you should contact:
Ministry of Transportation District Office in Salmon Arm at 250-712-3660.

Excessive noise complaints should contact the Chase RCMP at 250-679-3221

For CSRD bylaw issues you can contact 1.888.248.2773 or 250.832.8194 or email

Please CC me in on any emails you send out and I can follow up with the agencies involved.

Have a great summer!

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