Who does what?

Who does what?

This summer we will have the opportunity to question the CSRD on it’s role and the services it provides to the North Shuswap. Our feedback will be compiled by an outside consultant and presented to the CSRD board in October or November. In preparation for this information gathering, a graphic outlining the various responsibilities of the different level of government may be helpful.

Keep an eye out for the opportunities to provide your feedback or respond to a survey. The more input we get the more relevant our input is to the CSRD board.

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3 thoughts on “Who does what?

  1. “be teased” on squilax anglemont highway in scotch creek has an outdoor pub licence and has proceeded to amplify their music to extreme loudness creating a great pain to the homes in the area. This music goes on till well past midnight wed, thrs, fri and saturday. I thought we had a noise by-law to prevent this type of behavior. No business should be allowed to operate without guidelines. Jan

    1. I’m with you Janet Unger!! Way too loud and even though they have a parking lot they are still letting people park whichever way they want. On the side of the road and blocking the sidewalk. This makes walking or riding a bike dangerous. We should not have to go through this.

  2. One of the most concern for the people of the North Shuswap should be the VERY POOR
    ROAD CONDITIONS of all the local roads. Most should have the word Pothole included in their name. I have made request to the local manage for many years and nothing is done. they use the same excuse every year that they have no funds?. My tax dollars must go to some other location?

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