Do you have Issues?

Do you have Issues?

With the CSRD I mean…

Now’s the time to let us know your pains, concerns, wants, desires and maybe even things we’re doing well!
You’ve heard me talk about North Shuswap 2040. Now is the time to cast your imagination ahead about 15 years and decide what your community should look like, feel like, be like.

We need input from all segments of the community. Working folks, single moms, retired people, pickleballers, sledders, gardeners and farmers. I especially want to encourage those between 18 and 40 to contribute to this study. You will be most affected over the longer term. Let’s decide what we want, and go get it!

Here is some info from the Allan Neilson, one of the consultants.

The study sets out to:

  • document and explain the local services and local governance system in place in Electoral Area F 
  • engage residents throughout Area F to understand their concerns with local services or governance, as well as their service and governance needs 
  • identify, assess and recommend changes the CSRD could make to address the issues and needs brought forward

In late August and throughout September, I will be hosting various community information events in different parts of Area F to understand residents’ concerns, needs and ideas for change.  A list of the events, along with other information resources available (including an online survey), is included at the bottom of this email.

The study is important to ensuring that local service needs are addressed, and local decision-making is enhanced.  The more people in the community who attend an information event and complete the online survey, the better equipped we will be to understand the community’s needs, and to develop options to drive change.

I would be grateful if you would reach out to your neighbours and networks to let them know about the study (if they haven’t yet heard of it), the information sessions, and the online survey.  Please also take a moment to review the Study website (  Finally, please be sure to contact me directly if you have any questions or thoughts to pass on.

Allan Neilson

Study Homepage

Background Document

Information Poster Boards

The Survey!!

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