Community Meetings

Community Meetings

September 14th and October 11th.

I have reserved the Celista Hall for a community meeting – Thursday September 14 at 6:30. Two days from now.

I think it’s important to get together and share some of our trauma. I want to hear your concerns, but mainly I want to chat about recovery. We have a number of groups coming into the community to help those who’ve lost homes. Samaritans Purse for one, they’ll come and safely sift your homes ashes to hopefully find that heirloom, or keepsake that you thought was gone forever. Hopefully I’ll have more information about what more of the recovery looks like by then.

I won’t be providing coffee or goodies so please bring your own water etc. North Shuswap residents only please. The hall only holds so many.

I also have a date set up for October 11th, same place and time. More information will be available at that time I’m sure.

Don’t worry if you can’t make this Thursday. If you have questions or concerns you know where I am. 250-517-9578

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