Recovery Actions – CSRD

Recovery Actions – CSRD

Sept 29, 23

Had a zoom meeting this morning with CSRD staff, Colliers Project Leaders (the project consultants that will help us with the recovery), CSRD Chair Kevin Flynn and myself, to bring us up to speed on where they’re at, what their thinking is and where we’ll go with this recovery project. Some brief notes:

The EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) will be winding down operations which will let CSRD staff get back to their regular jobs. They’re finding that things are really slowing down and there’s not enough to keep this in operation. Staff is still in the building and can be pulled back together if necessary.

Temporary Housing – thoughts are possibly camps or regular long term rental spaces. Concerns are the ability of some to pay for regular rentals on top of mortgages etc. if they are even available. They don’t have a good idea of the scope of the problem and basically that means that they don’t know how many people with no home are North Shuswap Residents vs. Vacation Properties. They need this data, and property loss values, for any discussions they’ll have with various ministries for funding. It’s a problem I’ve been telling them about for weeks. I’m trying to gather that information on my webpage. Right now I have about 50 out of 170 homes entered, so I need more. If you have lost your home please provide at least some basic info at my Home Loss questionnaire. The website is

We discussed the Firehall and it was noted that we could build it back as it was, or separate the Firehall and the meeting room, or build it back bigger and better. My take is that the hall is pushing space limits now, and Scotch Creek is going to grow so we should look at something that will handle the next 20 years or more.

In general, I feel they are moving in the right direction, but man things are slow. They have good priorities and I asked them to keep these things in mind:

  • Engagement with Squilax te Secwepemc (formerly Little Shuswap Lake Band) as they are our close neighbours and we share many needs in Housing and Economic Development.
  • Many Recovery reports and documents suggest that the ‘community’ needs to lead this process. I agree and asked them to be sure to include that in their planning. It will be done.
  • The discussion did not mention upcoming natural hazards like flooding/debris flows, so they should be sure that bringing the community to resilience in that, is a priority.

The fact that we’re 3 weeks past the orders lifting, and these things are just getting started is a bit frustrating. I continue to push.

(I’m not sure how often I can, whether I should, or even if you’re interested, in the minutiae like this. I’m not going to document every meeting but I’ll make sure important points get out to you.)

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8 thoughts on “Recovery Actions – CSRD

  1. Thanks for the update – we’ve been wondering if CSRD was initiating action. 3 weeks is poor progress but it’s a start …

  2. Imperative Director Simpson shares all meetings with North Shuswap taxpayers/residents. Encourage North Shuswap Community implement wifi services to provide “Zoom” on-line access to all meetings.
    Imperative CSRD board visit areas ravaged by wildfire. The Directors are responsible for all electoral areas. They are noticed by their absence.
    Has CSRD board invited Mennonite Disaster Services to assess community need? Especially assisting the uninsured folks.

  3. Thanks for all your help Jay. I for sure want to know what you are finding out. I may not be a property owner but I live in a beautiful community, participate in community endeavors and want the best for us all. This is my forever home, my family home, my future home.
    I see the rebuild as an opportunity to improve where we live and not to simply replace what we had.

  4. Director Simpson. Is CSRD actively pursuing Disaster Financial Assistance ?
    DFA is a provincial program, administered by Emergency Management BC, to help individuals and local governments recover from uninsurable disasters.

    1. Unfortunately the operative word here is ‘uninsurable’. The Province feels that fire insurance is available throughout the province, so private uninsured losses are not eligible.


  5. The North Shore was not treated well by the CSRD. The past actions and competency of the CSRD has not been good. The CSRD had better step up to the plate and get things rolling now, not in the Spring but now! WHEN IS THIS GOING TO START? WHEN ARE THE GEOTECHNICAL PEOPLE GOING TO BE LOOKING AT THE NORTH SHUSWAP? WE NEED PERMITS TO GET OUR BURNT LOTS CLEANED UP, WHEN IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN? OR IS THE CSRD GOING TO OULL THE RUG UP AND BRUSH THE NORTH SHUSWAP UNDER IT LIKE THEY HAVE IN THE PAST?

    1. Hi Kathy, I hope an initial version of the Geotech report is available this week which hopefully cover the areas easiest to classify as being safe to begin cleanup efforts. The CSRD is working on this and other recovery initiatives, it’s just not always as fast as we would like.

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