Time is getting short before the weather takes a significant cold swing. We are now finalizing our lists for those who are needing assistance due to the wildfire. Hopefully this week we will have a list of those in need and the type of need. This will allow us to direct resources to the right people.

If you have lost or significantly damaged your home and you need help with accommodation, rebuilding, food or other needs you should be registered with the Resiliency Centre: 250-833-3400. If you would prefer to register with me, please provide the information requested on this form.

If you don’t get registered it’s not the end of the world but there are a limited amount of funds and physical resources to help.

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2 thoughts on “TO THOSE IN NEED…

  1. Hi Jay, family of Charlie Frankuber have reached out for accommodations for him. I believe he has been in Vancouver since the fire, he lost everything. He is a parapalegic and would would need wheel chair accessability. If you think we could help him I will forward his contact information.

    Thanks Jay

    Leona Bischoff

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