Crown Lands Fuel Reduction

Crown Lands Fuel Reduction

Oct 11, 23 A week ago I requested an update regarding crown forest above our communities. Brent Lipinski responded today with an update of how things are going and what’s coming up. Here is his response.

I am pleased to provide information regarding existing Wildfire Risk Reduction (WRR) projects that the Okanagan Shuswap Natural Resource Districts’ WRR team has in the North Shuswap Electoral Area-F.


Just a couple things I wanted to note. Firstly, we always want communities to understand that fires can most effectively be combatted by taking precautions beforehand with a “Values Out” approach. FireSmart work on private land close to residences (values) is of utmost importance in protecting homes and when coupled with our Crown Land Wildfire Risk Reduction treatments that are located further away from the values, are most effective in reducing damage caused by fires.

Fire Burned Timber: I am frequently asked if WRR funds will be utilized to clean up burned trees. The answer is no, WRR funds are never used to remove coarse fuels such as burned trees. The Okanagan Shuswap Natural Resource Districts’ WRR team specializes in reducing fine fuels which contribute to the explosive fire front and are a driving factor in fire behavior.

Project Updates

Lee Creek: The prescription for this project is complete but is currently receiving amendments to reflect boundary changes due to the fire. I walked the eastern half of this project and all fine fuels have been consumed in the fire. The mapped fire boundary shows the eastern and western flanks of the treatment area have been burned but the middle area remains unburned. We plan to tender this for treatment as soon as the prescription can be amended in the coming weeks and treatment should commence this fall and be completed over the next year.   

Scotch Creek: The prescription for this project is complete. The project focus was a collaborative approach with BC Parks therefore the project is located within the Provincial Park. I am unsure if Parks completed any treatment as this is now in their hands to complete.

Celista: The prescription for this project is complete. Unfortunately, 100% of the area that was included in the prescription has burned very severely.

Anglemont: The prescription for this project is complete; project treatment implementation is approx. 60% complete. A couple weeks ago I was on site walking the treatment area myself. I found that the work being completed by Neskonlith’s Sk’atsin group was of a high standard meeting all contract parameters. I have requested that the crew focus burning the piles closest to all private properties first and foremost once they can legally commence burning.

Saint Ives: The prescription for this project is complete. Will plan to start treatment implementation next spring.

Thanks for asking me for a summary Jay. I am happy to speak with you at any time about projects in and around your communities.


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One thought on “Crown Lands Fuel Reduction

  1. Unfortunately this fire right from the start had nothing to do with the land and how the fire smart part was being dealt with. A fire that starts on July 12th from two small lightening strikes, BCWS dumps two pairs of water on it and then lets it burn for 6 weeks…UNACCEPTABLE! to add fire to the fuel….right before a wind storm coming for two days that BCWS alerted Celista to, how in hell does someone get off lighting a 14 km UNNECESSARY BACKBURN…. a 5 year old would know better! CLIFF CHAPMAN, lies and says this successful Backburn saved so many houses! 🤬 BCWS disappears for 5 days leaving the locals to deal with their nasty mess! CSRD SIC THE RCMP ON THESE LOCAL HEROS TO STOP FOOD, FUEL, WATER AND EQUIPMENT THROUGH, THREATENING TO ARREST THESE HEROS. THE RCMP NEEDED TO DO THEIR JOBS AND ARREST THE CRACKHEADS ON AREA. WHAT DID THE RCMP DO BUT LET THE REAL CRIMINALS GO, THE CRACKHEADS WHO WERE STEALING CRAP! LOST RESPECT FOR POLITICIANS AND RCMP! 🤬Just in Celista, 176 destroyed homes and 50 damaged homes in NOT A SUCCESSFUL BACKBACK THAT WAS NOT NEEDED! THIS CRIMINAL BC NDP GOVERNMENT AND BCWS BURNT MY HOME DOWN! THIS IS INSANITY YOU HEAD IN THE SAND POLITICIANS NEEDS TO STOP! MEANING OF INSANITY – DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN TRYING TO GET A DIFFERENT RESULTS ! I have been researching places like MONTE LAKE, MERRITT, LYTTON, WHITE ROCK PAXTON VALLEY, TUMBLER RIDGE, FT ST JOHN, PORT ALBERNI, PONZI LAKE, SLAVE LAKE….I COUKD LIST SO MANY MORE…over the years same results….GOVERNMENT ARSON! ARSONISTS ARE CHARGED AND LOCKED UP….. I KNOW THE BC NDP GOVERNMENT BURNT MY BEAUTIFUL RETIREMENT HOME DOWN!

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