Post-Wildfire Landslide Risk Report

Post-Wildfire Landslide Risk Report

This information is direct from the CSRD webpage with a couple of my comments at the bottom. Unfortunately there is a lot of territory that shows as being in some kind of risk, far more than is not at risk. The upcoming meetings will provide more information on what we might expect and CSRD efforts to make us aware of potential dangerous situations. I recommend joining one or the other.

Posted on: June 7, 2024

UPDATE: Post Wildfire Landslide Risk Report available, meetings June 13, 17

A graphic regarding upcoming landslide risk meetings.

UPDATE: June 11, 2024

BGC Engineering has issued the final report on the post-wildfire landslide assessment. The report is highly technical in nature and complex in terms of data. The upcoming meetings are designed to explain the content of the report and allow residents to ask questions to better understand what the data means for them.

View the Bush Creek East Post-Wildfire Assessment Report. (PDF)

Please see the Bush Creek East Landslide Risk webpage for more information and details on how to register for the upcoming meetings on June 13 and 17.

In spending some time on this very detailed and technical report my suggestion would be to read

  • the Summary – Pages 3 to 6 – discussion of risk levels and rainfall volumes
  • the maps – Pages 47 to 59 to determine your specific landslide risk. Find your location, and look at the corresponding color in the upper right hand corner of the map for more information.
  • The discussion of Risk Management strategies starting on page 38 is an interesting read

The likelihood of a landslide event really depends on the rainfall we get – how long it lasts and how fast it comes down. And we need to note that this risk will last for at least 3 to 5 years.

(Note: The page numbers I relate are the actual physical pages in the report, the page numbers shown on the bottom of the report pages do not correspond due to indexes and appendices etc.)

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