I’m in!

I’m in!

Ok, I’m officially indoctrinated! Just spent two days at the CSRD offices. Day 1: Get new phone number and email…
250-517-9578 and JSimpson@csrd.bc.ca. The rest of the day we listened to a very good lawyer discuss how we might get ourselves in trouble. Things like Conflict of Interest, how to run a public hearing so everything counts, not discussing a situation after a public hearing as it’s not fair to the public that don’t have access to that information, etc, etc etc. Quite daunting really. Fortunately I’m over it.

Day 2: first board meeting. Although I’ve sat through numerous meetings of the CSRD board, it’s a bit different being at the ‘big table’. Few opportunities to take a cat nap though towards the end of the day I could have used one. Things went pretty smoothly tho.

Then after that, off to Quaaout to participate in a tourism planning session, and then off to the Hub to meet with Mel Arnold, our Federal MP. It was an interesting conversation with many of the Chamber board members and the Kicker staff. Definitely a few nuggets of information came out of that.

Free day today, well at least no meetings. The Liht Cannabis meeting at Celista Hall tomorrow (Saturday Nov 17) at 10am is the next big thing on the planner.

Every day is an adventure!! ?

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