Community Safety Meetings

Community Safety Meetings

Safety In the North Shuswap – Upcoming meetings

Health/ Recovery & Political Action meeting now Wednesday October 23th.

The North Shuswap Health Centre is having their AGM on Wednesday the 16th, which we originally scheduled for the HR & P meeting, but it is important to have them at the table for this upcoming meeting so we’ve now moved it to Wednesday the 23rd. I hope all those interested in these topics will be able to make it.

Last week we had two great meetings: Wednesday we got together for the Community Watch meeting, and Thursday the Frustrational Actions meeting. Both were well attended and provided some good ideas.

Community Watch is now out doing some research which will provide us with information as to whether a program like Citizens on Patrol (COP) or Rural Crime Watch (RCW) will provide us with the best program for our unique geographic layout. Both work closely with the RCMP and include nightly drive arounds in our various villages and stress watchfulness and non-interaction. Calls are made to the RCMP detachment with information on unusual activities. We’ll get more information out to you as the information comes in. Our next meeting for this will be Thursday October 24th. We will need people in all our villages to step up for once-per-month drives.

The Frustration Activities group came together on Thursday. We started with a brainstorming session to come up with activities that would be legal, avoid interaction with troublemakers and yet cause frustration to that group. There was a lot of fun and laughs with some really crazy ideas. One I really thought had some merit was to play really bad country music at them all night long. It was mentioned that the neighbours may not appreciate that though. But who knows, if the location is right it might be used. Anyway, we’re refining the ideas and coming up with things that will be useful in a safe, anonymous way.

Upcoming meetings at Scotch Creek Hall – 7pm sharp, doors open at 6:45 – BYO Coffee

  • Safety – Health/Recovery & Political Action – Wednesday October 23rd
  • Safety – Community Watch meeting 2 – Thursday October 24th

General Town Hall meeting – November 2, 1pm at Celista Hall

This is a continuation of the Town Hall meetings that I started last March. I hope to have a Town Hall meeting every 6 months or so just to bring you up to date on things happening around the community and give you an opportunity to ask questions and give me ideas of things needing attention. I’m setting up some speakers now and hope to include the Regional Manager for Roads to talk about winter maintenance. Also Derek Sutherland from the CSRD to chat about the Neighbourhood Emergency Program as this ties in really well with our new Community Watch program – Knowing your neighbourhood.

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