Health of the North Shuswap

Health of the North Shuswap

As I write this, mid-March, things are closing up fast. We’re hunkering down for a stretch of ‘alone time’ as we try to reduce the effects of Coronavirus. Most of my upcoming committee meetings are cancelled, we are being asked to attend CSRD board meetings remotely. CSRD buildings such as Arenas and Community Centres will be closed except for priority events. Fortunately, the staff at the office are able to continue many of their tasks by going into the office less often and working from home. High priority items such as: Water Services, Solid Waste (possibly cashless), Fire Services and Emergency Service are very much in operation. The CSRD doors will be closed, but staff will be accessible by phone and email. There should be no major disruption of ongoing activities at the CSRD.

Closer to home, it means less socializing, less seeing of friends and neighbours. Please remember to check in on your neighbours who are 60+ or medically compromised. Snowbirds will be returning and they must have a 14 day quarantine period. All these groups may need a hand. If you are someone who could use a hand, there are opportunities to get help throughout our community. The Chamber, Lions, Lakeview Centre are all ready to help out where needed. The Scotch Creek Market will deliver groceries and The Hub will deliver meals. You’ll find these numbers in the Kicker. Or give me a call and we’ll get it done! 250-517-9578

In other health news, the CSRD will be providing a Grant-In-Aid for $20,000 to support the work of the North Shuswap Health Centre Society. This will allow them to continue to provide necessary services to the residents of the North Shuswap. The NSHCS has asked the CSRD to provide ongoing funding by adding the Health Centre as a ‘service’ on the taxes of the North Shuswap residents. The CSRD board is not really in favour of this as it’s felt that this is a provincial responsibility. Over the next few months, we will be working with various government organizations (IHA, MLA, Min. of Health) to determine exactly what is and is not possible. In the meantime, give some thought to what it means to you to have a clinic in Scotch Creek and what it’s value might be to you, and the community as a whole.

Last month I mentioned the Shuswap Watershed Council. The council is a collaboration of the CSRD, TNRD, RDNO, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Environment, Dept. of Fisheries, local First Nations and community members. The main focus is the Health of Shuswap Lake and the Shuswap Watershed. There is no other group in our area that brings all these main players together and is able to coordinate water testing and hopefully, remediation in those areas that are contributing to water degradation. For more information go to We will be coming to the citizens of the CSRD this summer to renew this mandate (assuming Corona lets us).

One thing that this restriction on public meetings does is it makes communications with our population more difficult. Some people read the Kicker but don’t do Facebook. Some spend too much time on Facebook and don’t read the Kicker. Some don’t do any of these things. I hope that we are able to have a Town Hall meeting and I’m looking to late May, but we’ll have to wait to see how things go. I do need to get information to you about a number of decisions that will need to be made for the North Shu. It would be great if you’d sign up for newsletter on my website or follow me on Facebook:  While you’re on my website, maybe you could let me know your preferred day and time for a Town Hall meeting. I’d appreciate it.

Well, looks like we’ll have lots of time to get the garden ready this spring. Get outside, get some fresh air, and stay safe.

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