TOWN HALL – SUNDAY MARCH 22, 2020 – Postponed

TOWN HALL – SUNDAY MARCH 22, 2020 – Postponed

I’ve been getting some inquiries regarding the Town Hall and the Coronavirus situation. A number of people have asked if it’s still going on and that they’re considering not joining us due to their concern.

The fact is that probably 80% of the people that come to our Town Hall meetings are over 60, and although it’s small, we can’t say there’s no chance of coming in contact with someone who doesn’t know they’re sick. And as there are no pressing issues, there is no imperative to have the Town Hall meeting right now. Therefore, I will postpone this meeting until early May when things will be clearer regarding what concerns CoVid-19 is creating.

Issues that we would have discussed at this Town Hall are the following:

  • The Scotch Creek Health Center and financial support for it
  • Community Safety – where are we now
  • North Shu Economic Development and the upcoming changes
  • The possible Scotch Creek water system and the effect it may have
  • Road maintenance and what we can expect
  • Any other topics you have an interest in

I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions about these, or any topics.

Jay Simpson –  250-517-9578

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