Scotch Creek Mosquitos

Scotch Creek Mosquitos

Update June 29, 2020:
The Little Shuswap Lake Band has agreed to allow spraying in the Hilliam Road area of Scotch Creek, but the contractor tells us we’re too late to make a dent in the problem. The CSRD is looking forward to resuming spraying in 2021 but these partners must agree as spraying in Scotch Creek. Without the Hilliam Road area and the Provincial Park would be a waste of money. I appreciate the emails and calls you’ve made to BC Parks and LSLIB about this problem. (contacts below)

CSRD News Release May 19, 2020:
Spring means warmer days, flowers blooming and, unfortunately, a return of those pesky, biting mosquitos. 

The CSRD wishes to remind residents of the Scotch Creek area that mosquito control measures previously applied in that area have been cancelled for 2020.

This is because decisions from BC Parks and the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band rendered the CSRD’s mosquito control program ineffective. The Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band would not allow the CSRD to treat for nuisance mosquitos on their lands in the Hilliam Road Area, while BC Parks denied the CSRD’s application to conduct mosquito control in Shuswap Lake and Tsútswecw Provincial parks.

Without the inclusion of these areas, the CSRD’s contractor recommended that the mosquito treatment program be abandoned for 2020. This will be the first season in 16 years that nuisance mosquito treatment has not been in place for the Scotch Creek area.

If citizens in the Scotch Creek and Lee Creek areas are unhappy with the decision, they should contact the appropriate authorities, as the CSRD was prepared to continue with the nuisance mosquito control program and is not the decision maker in this matter.

If you would like to make a comment, please contact:

Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band                                          
1886 Little Shuswap Lake Road, Chase, BC, V0E 1M2
Phone: 250.679.3203
BC Parks – Thompson Region
1259 Dalhousie Drive, Kamloops, BC V2C5Z5
Phone: 250.371.6200

The Board voted to suspend the program for the 2020 season only. CSRD staff will update the Board on the issue in the fall of 2020 to determine the next steps for the program

Note from Jay Simpson – Area F Director at CSRD
The only way we’ll get mosquito control back is to make our views known. If this is a concern to you, please send a note to the above contacts and CC me. Also, you can fill out the brief question at the top of this page.

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34 thoughts on “Scotch Creek Mosquitos

  1. I just camped at shuswap lake provincial park for 5 days and had to remain in my trailer due to the massive amount of mosquitoes. I also live in scotch creek, near the fire hall and can not be out doors because of the clouds of mosquitos. I can not believe that the plan to spray control mosquitoes was cancelled. It is impossible to enjoy the out doors after being confined to our homes due to covid we are now unable to venture outside and trapped indoors.
    My daughter who is 5 can not play in out yard as she has sever reactions to the bites.
    Whom ever voted against mosquito control obviously doesnt reside here.
    We are experiencing flooding and standing water and breeding areas. It is unbelievable, we are having a year from hell, financially strained society and now prisoners in our own homes thanks to the cancellations of mosquito control spraying.

    1. Hi Cinda, thanks for your comments. Your note has been forwarded to BC Parks and the Little Shuswap Lake Band. The LSLB has agreed to spray this year but the contractor tells us we’re too late to make a dent in the problem. The CSRD is looking forward to resuming spraying in 2021 but these partners must agree as spraying in Scotch Creek without the Hilliam Road area and the Provincial Park would be a waste of money.

      1. To whom it may concern

        As property owners located in Scotch Creek, doors away from the Provincial Park , we are very saddened to have to spend so much time indoors, or layered with mosquito spray to enjoy the outdoors ..
        The mosquitoes so horrible, and almost resistant to spraying.
        Perhaps there’ll need to be more smudge fires to be able to sit outside.
        We do hope 2021 brings some relief in the way of the lands being sprayed.
        , our family will be very grateful .

        Jeff & Angela
        ScotchCreek, Bc

        This note was also sent to both the email addresses provided

          1. Hello Jay,
            Are there steps that you can take to ensure next year the mosquito control happens? Are you able to start an online petition to ensure all of our voices are heard? Will this issue be raised on the next CSRD board meeting agenda?

  2. This is a problem every high water year. Which is worse: a timely larval spray or regularly slathering with deet? Our economy depends on tourism, and happy tourists come back.

  3. cannot go outside to continue constructing a building or work on our landscaping due to the massive amounts of mosquitoes. resorting to complete head to toe cover-up but having to take many breaks due to heat exhaustion from being over dressed. we pay enough taxes here and don’t need to loose another service. although we have cancelled our visitors this year because of covid, there are families here trying to enjoy our area and they are complaining and leaving. we need to assure our paying guests and the tax payers that this will not happen next year.

    1. I wish it were just a matter of money, but it’s not. Without Hilliam Road area and the Shuswap Lake Provincial Park being sprayed, there was no point in doing anything in the rest of SC. LSLIB and BC Parks have to be on board.

  4. It is claimed that it is too late to provide mosquito control. What is this based on? With the higher than normal snow pack this year surely someone would have foreseen high water levels and consequently the need for mosquito control before it was “too late”. It seems to me that there is a need to be proactive rather than reactive and miss the window for meaningful mosquito control. Is there no communication?

    1. Hey Ron, this year, as in every other year, mosquito control makes life more bearable out there. Unfortunately, the two largest areas needing that control decided not to have it done. The CSRD would have been happy to provide control. We are proactive and plan for that every year at the appropriate time. This year there was no point as we couldn’t work in the Park or Hilliam road. We hope next year will be different.

  5. Is it for financial reasons that the Park and Indian Band decided that Mosquito spraying/control was not desired? If so, an extremely selfish decision that not only effects Park guests, Hilliam road residents but everybody in the Scotch Creek area. We have been very fortunate with regards to West Nile to this point, but even one case will most certainly have unforeseen consequences.

    1. Hi Kelvin, no financial reasons were not the problem. Both LSLIB and Parks reasons came down to leaving it a more natural habitat. Hopefully they now recognize that this brings it’s own consequences.

  6. My husband and I purchased our acre lot in Scotch Creek 6 years ago, and always enjoyed vacationing there with our children. We left Scotch Creek on Canada Day 2020, as we could not bear it any longer. The mosquitos were so bad, our 8 year old legs were covered in welts (even with bug spray). Our lovely Scotch Creek nights were no longer possible. What a shame. We have always paid our taxes on time, and have always contributed to the local economy every time we visited. I don’t understand why the mosquito spraying was cancelled and who was first? BC Parks or LSLB? I’m wondering if there is a valid reason to the cancellation of the spraying program ?

    1. Hi Nancy, both decisions were made about the same time for different reasons, both which came down to leaving a more natural habitat. Without Hilliam Road area and the Park there was no point in spraying the rest of Scotch Creek although the CSRD would have been happy to have done it.

  7. We not able to be outside in our own yard, it has been stressful with Covid and now worst with this Mosquito problem, I hope we can get an agreement signed for the next 10 years at least To control these pest

  8. We have been going to scotch creek for over 30 years know the community very well have friends that live there also have and the mosquitoes make impossible for them to even enjoy a family BBQ we were there for 2 weeks but left

  9. So I wonder if those that decided against spraying, leaving a more natural habitat, live in this area? I have seen some reacting so badly to these mosquito bites they have to remain indoors. How sad to have to miss a beautiful Shuswap summer outdoors. Next we’ll see West Nile and Zika. Shame on them.

  10. We have owned our home in scotch creek for 4 years this summer. We spend most of the summer here, a beautiful place , where we gather with our children and grand children and enjoy the great outdoors. Extremely disappointed this year . The mosquitoes are horrid. With my youngest granddaughter being extremely reactive to the bites, this is going to ruin summer vacation for her as well as the rest of family! What an awful discussion to have not sprayed!

  11. Because the life cycle of mosquitoes is ongoing, why re they saying the window to spray has passed? What is the downside of spraying more than once? It seems odd that we would have to wait a year.

    1. Mosquito control is an ongoing process and happens a number of times over a period beginning, I think, a month before mosquitoes ‘hatch’. At this point we’ve lost that lead time.

  12. I’m not sure I understand why the window to spray is closed. If everyone is on board now to spray, why would it need to be delayed until 2021?

  13. We would like to add our complaints about this issue and for you to send them to the two respective parties please. As has already been said, we can not enjoy our decks or yards at anytime of the day or night. We rely on tourists, but they can’t camp or even enjoy their homes due to the mosquitoes. If the reason for not spraying is to keep a more natural habitat, what we see as the major consequence is that no one can enjoy that natural habitat due to the hoards of mosquitoes.

  14. Hi there,
    I’m curious to know what the reasoning was behind not spraying at all to begin with … especially in light of the comment that this is the first time in 16 years spraying has not taken place!! Is it due to chemicals in the spray? What/who is at risk from these chemicals? People, wildlife, watersheds? It would be nice to understand if all of these horrible mosquitos are worth the decision. We are mainly seasonal residents in Scotch Creek (from Kamloops), but also spend many weekends there throughout the entire year. With two young children it’s been pretty unbearable, and for my son’s small family 6th birthday celebration this year we were hoping to hike to Albas falls (his favourite which we do annually) … it’s unfortunate that to do so I will have to lather my kids in bug spray (we use non chemical but it doesn’t work all that well) … I will be searching for full mosquito net suits or at least hats today so we can enjoy the outdoors. This is no fun for anyone during our current global situation, I’m frustrated for those who were set to spray that parties could not come together and agree on this!

    1. Hi, Thanks for your note. I think the reasons for not spraying are well documented in the article and comments here. Certainly, from the CSRD point of view, we would have been happy to continue the spraying program. In the past, Scotch Creek and Tsutswecw (Roderick Haig-Brown) Park have been sprayed, but we’ve never sprayed at Albas, so please take all necessary precautions there. Hopefully next year the program will be reinstated.

    1. Ya, sorry about that. A perfect storm of circumstances conspired against us this year. High water for a longer than usual time, and lack of Mosquito control. I hope you reconsider.

  15. I Live in Celista.. My concern is meadow Creek road..

    It is becoming a well travelled road and the heavy trucks are taking a toll on the Pave meant…..Also the speeds being driven are a tad excessive…I would be in Favour of a (1) speed bump being installed by tallington for the summer months…Lots of kids… Lots of walkers…(2) The same should also be considered by the Celista water intake…..I swear some is going too get hit down there as well…(3) A parabolic mirror being installed at the bottom of Meadow Creek road too see west bound traffic heading too Scotch Creek…I have had the pleasure of nearly being hit there several times… Thanks Jay…Dave c

  16. We have medical professionals in the family and we are fully involved in Covid19 safe practices. Oddly, I am sad to report, the impact on our family of the complete lack of control over mosquitoes this year has been greater than the impact of the CV19!!
    Why the LSIB and BC Parks refused this harmless spray is unknown to me but the impact on our collective activities has been profound. If you don’t believe the spray is safe, perhaps a little info will help:
    In 25 years I have yet to see the mossies this bad.
    The Stevens family, Scotch Creek

  17. Mosquitoes spraying something is better than nothing. Year 2021 even if its just Shuswap Provincial Park.Our community cannot afford to lose tourism dollars.

  18. Hi there Scotch creek is a lovely community and I support this community every summer for over 30 years I think not spraying is a very bad choice .Little kids bc cannot play out side Terrible . I would imagine people are looking forward to a summer Hoilday after a long lock. Down but will not enjoy this summer. Doesn’t matter what a person sprays on them selfs The Mosquitoes Have people forget 2 years ago how bad the mosquitoes were This is bc unbelieveable

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