Taxes that will stay on our current tax notices.

The following items on our tax notices would stay essentially the same. They would increase annually due to inflation or other charges, but they are outside of a municipalities control. The numbers shown are the total for the whole North Shuswap and are rounded for ease.

  • $4m for Provincial School Tax per year: no change
  • $147,000 Police tax: no change
  • $722,000 Thompson Nicola Regional Health District tax: no change
  • $86,000 BC Assessment Authority: no change
  • $512 Municipal Finance Authority: no change
  • $258,000 Okanagan Regional Library: no change

BC Rural Tax – $965,000 mainly for road maintenance and repair. Each taxpayer pays an amount called the BC Rural Tax which is mainly used for road maintenance.

NS Inc. – The Rural Tax would not be on our tax notices and NSInc. would tax a similar amount to maintain the roads, excluding Squilax-Anglemont Road (SAR) as that would still be maintained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI).

NS Inc. #2 tomorrow will discuss things that we will control when incorporated, if we wish.

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