BC Public Lands Process

BC Public Lands Process

“VICTORIA — The New Democrats have quietly launched public consultation on their plan to begin co-management of government-owned land with B.C.’s 204 First Nations.”

So starts one of the articles below. These changes have the power to affect crown land use throughout the Province for any segment of users. “These include things like grazing leases, mining leases, licenses of occupation, dock permits, rights of way, etc. These types of decisions are a major part of governing the land base and economy of B.C.”

With no press release, and limited time for consultation, this is another example of this government making new rules with minimal public input, and likely less interest in actually getting any. They did this recently with planning changes to try to increase housing supply. Although these changes may be ok in-and-of themselves (the jury is out), the manner of implementing them leaves much to be desired.

Please share.  Open for public engagement:


Vaughn Palmer: NDP quietly consult on sweeping changes to managing public lands | Vancouver Sun

Land Act Amendments – govTogetherBC

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