Scotch Creek Wharf Rd. Water

Scotch Creek Wharf Rd. Water

I’ve had some questions about the Wharf Road Park and how the water system will be impacting it’s use this summer. The response I’ve had from Tim Perepolkin, Manager of Utility Services at the CSRD is as follows:

We just had a meeting this morning and they are just wrapping  up a few final tests on the intake pipes that were drilled into the lake before they can start the building construction. The current schedule will see the piping under the building being installed week of June 10 and building footings start week of June 17.  The building should go quickly and once the structure is buttoned up the work area will be reduced and some of the park beach area will be made accessible to the public. There are also evening swim lessons scheduled for July 15-25 and the contractor has been advised that the park will need to be fully accessible for these.

I asked, “When do we anticipate first water?”, and “when might residents be able to connect to it?”:

Based on the schedule that was presented by the contractor commissioning is expected to be in October. Once commissioning is completed, Interior Health will require us to run some water and testing before any connections can be made. This schedule may change as the remainder of the project progresses.

Residents cannot connect until completed, commissioned and IH approved. At earliest this would be late 2024, I would recommend residents that are on private independent wells plan on connecting in 2025. The residents that are currently connected to the Captains Village System will automatically be converted to our new system when we complete the final tie-ins, they will all be advised well in advance as the CSRD will then be their provider.

It’s coming along!

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4 thoughts on “Scotch Creek Wharf Rd. Water

  1. Thanks for seeking info from us. I don’t have anything to do with Wharf Rd , but appreciate your outreach.

  2. 1) Can you advise us where we will park our vehicles and access the beach before the official reopening in July..
    2)Also is there plans for port-a- potties between now and mid July?
    3) Can you confirm a vault style outhouse is part of the rebuilding plan.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Thanks for the update! This morning, Friday June 07 I went to Wharf Beach and the dock is out. Thank you!! But no garbage cans or recycling cans. With this warm weekend we will need some garbage and recycling cans and a facility for Bathroom. Look forward to your response!

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