Town Hall Success!

Town Hall Success!

First Town Hall meeting was a great success!
I was really happy to see about 60 North Shu residents come out to discuss community topics. We had some great conversations on a variety of topics like Fire proofing your lot to independent housing for seniors.

Of the 60 people there, we got back over 30 questionnaires listing their areas of interest or concern and over 20 are willing to discuss it with me further. From my point of view that is a huge win! I have no illusions that I have all the answers and discussions among those that have an interest will move things along significantly faster.

The survey that was handed out at the Town Hall is online here (until March 30, 2019). So click on it on the menu to the right or follow this link!

Thanks to everyone that joined us yesterday. I just wish you could have left me a cookie!! 🙁

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