Covid – the End of the Beginning

Covid – the End of the Beginning

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Henry says we are near the end of the beginning stages of this pandemic. Not yet, but soon, we should be able to ramp up our social contacts from the current 30% of normal to maybe 60%. So, maybe things like Little League baseball could happen, though happen in a different way, with more care taken to keep interaction to a minimum.

I just listened to the May 4th media release of Minister of Health Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry. It’s a very interesting hour long youtube that I would recommend anyone watch.

Anyway, no specific details or recommendations have been released but it seems like we’re getting close to a relaxation of the distancing. The CSRD will be discussing this, and the developments over the next couple of weeks, at our next meeting. Hopefully we can open up, to some extent, some of the things that have been closed down. I, for one, am looking forward to that.

Watch the video, there’s good information in it.

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