Scotch Creek Mosquitos

Scotch Creek Mosquitos

Here we go again! We’re back in the mosquito breeding business.

Little Shuswap Lake Band has decided, in their council meeting last week, that they will withdraw their approval for mosquito control on band lands in Scotch Creek. In their letter of cancellation, they identify that the new Chief and council “are opposed to any further larvicidal spraying within the Scotch Creek Indian Reserve.” They go on to say that “The position of council is that background research information is lacking to confirm that no environmental risks are associated with such treatments.”. With this cancellation in place, BC Parks will not move ahead with spraying in the Provincial Park.

I understand and share their concern for environmental risks, but two years ago we had the mosquito control contractor present to Chief and Council, the relatively benign process and materials used to quell the number of mosquitos. This, along with the possibility of local residents taking matters into their own hands in a much less environmentally sound way, seemed to reduce the anxiety of then Chief and council.

Over the years, the Little Shuswap Lake Band has been a very progressive and business minded group with their great hotel, restaurants and golf course at Quaaout/Talking Rock. I have been hoping to be able to include their knowledge and insights with us at the Shuswap Watershed Council, Shuswap Tourism, the new Shuswap Economic Development Society and even a potential new High School. Also, it makes sense to work together on things like liquid waste in Scotch Creek as they already have a system built in Scotch Creek that they had been looking at expanding. I hope the new Chief and council continue to be interested in these initiatives. We will see how things shake out over the next while.

If you have an opinion on this that you’d like to share, please let Rob Hutton, the LSLB Executive Director of Territorial Resource Stewardship know. or 250-679-3203. As well, you can leave your comments in my special survey below.

In the meantime, we need to prepare for the spring/summer onslaught of those pesky little critters. And since we’re again, in the mosquito breeding business, if anyone has ideas of how to turn a profit, let me know.

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18 thoughts on “Scotch Creek Mosquitos

    1. The Hilliam Road area is LSLB land, they can make whatever decisions they wish there. The CSRD has no control. The best we can do is let them know our opinion, in as polite a way as possible.

      1. I lived there for 10 years and when the area flooded the mosquitos were so bad you had to make a run for it from the car to the trailer and basically stay inside. With all the terrible things going on in our world today, this is just another thing that will take away from what everyone needs. A summer of relief from covid, wars and mosquitos. Please don’t do this,

  1. I live in Scotch Creek next To province park.
    When spraying was stopped it was awful.
    Families were packing up and leaving, their camp sites. They could not sit outside. Thus loosing tourists in our area.
    Our Children had bleeding cheeks and bodies were full of bites. Even the dog was bleeding!
    We are not helping the environment. Cans and cans of mosquito sprays were carried by individuals to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes.
    There is also disease carried by mosquitoes!!
    Please please reconsider and help keep tourists in our community, keep diseases away from our children. And our environment stage. Let us enjoy the summer with our family sitting outside with out being attacked by mosquitoes.

  2. The community needs direction on the best way to voice their concerns for the greatest impact..

  3. Where do the people of the LSLB live. On Little Shuswap Lake? Were they bombarded with the mosquitoes the last few years? How did their guests at the hotel and golf course enjoy them? We sure didn’t in the North Shuswap on the Big Lake.
    How about the Park in Lee Creek?

  4. Literally thousands of folks will be buying repellent to spray and rub on themselves and children ,,,fogging ,smudges,,,we all know the safer way is the controlled spraying

  5. Please spray, it makes the summer so uncomfortable with those little pests everywhere, and the kids don’t enjoy their summer.

    1. No, but BC Parks won’t allow spraying if LSLB doesn’t. The contractor also says that if Hilliam Road area isn’t done, there’s not much point in doing anywhere else.

      1. I still think that the allowable areas of Scotch Creek should be sprayed regardless of Hilliam. It will bring down the mosquito population at least in those areas. 2 years ago it was unbearable. We cannot be going backwards and endure that again unnecessarily.

  6. You want our support by coming to Scotch Creek! With no spray program in effect it is not enjoyable to spend time there. Therefore the economy is hurting with less tourism. It is not safe for us to be spraying chemicals on ourselves every time you go outdoors. Plus it’s a huge concern for parents to be spraying chemicals on their children! Please reconsider no spray for this community!

  7. Please people, we have had “problems” before and look where our “fixing” has gotten the planet so far.
    It’s not all about us. Our planet is dying under our “rule”. Just stop it!

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