NS Inc. #4 Free Money (grants)

NS Inc. #4 Free Money (grants)

Provincial and Federal Grant Applications

  • The CSRD is looked upon like one municipality, one entity, and therefore can, in most cases, only apply for a specific grant one time during any grant intake period.
  • This means it must prioritize a specific grant for only one of the 7 Electoral Areas (Area F North Shuswap is one of seven)
  • NSInc. Could apply on its own for any of the grants that are available.

Provincial and Federal Free Money

  • There is other money that is annually provided to municipalities and Regional Districts, out of the goodness of the Prov or Fed governments heart.
  • It is grant money, but you don’t have to apply for it. There is usually some calculation as to how much each municipality or RD receives.
  • In the CSRD, these grants must be divvied up to all the Electoral Areas (1 of 7), and often the municipalities get a cut.

An Example

A recent grant – the Growing Communities Fund grant – was sent to each municipality and Regional District. Here are the amounts provided to local municipalities (rough numbers based on the calculations provided with the grant)

Municipality        Population            Grant$
Salmon Arm           19,342                    $6.3m
Revelstoke                8,275                    $2.7m
Sicamous                  2,613                    $1.5m
Golden                      3,986                    $1.9m
NS Inc.                      3,200                    $2.3m (if we were incorporated)

CSRD                      21,539                    $3.8m (what the CSRD actually got)
All areas split this (Area A thru G, plus municipalities)

So to start off with, Regional Districts get a proportionally smaller amount of the GCF grant based on population. Then, since these municipalities are ‘a part’ of the Regional District they get a portion of the RD grant. With those municipal portions removed there is just $2.8m left for the 7 Electoral Areas in the regional district. If this $2.8m were divided to each EA by population, the North Shuswap (Area F) would receive $431,000. HOWEVER if we were an incorporated municipality, NSInc. would receive roughly $2.3m.

NS Inc. #5 Tomorrow will discuss some negatives associated with being incorporated.

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One thought on “NS Inc. #4 Free Money (grants)

  1. A very good explanation Jay. We must always remember that this is our tax dollars that are being spent. (Not the case with the federal government that is spending borrowed money and paying interest with borrowed money.) Shameful.

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